What Twitter Has Brought Us

Twitter has brought us nothing but a vehicle where keyboard cowards can sit in their mom’s basement to promote their hate, discrimination and intolerance towards complete strangers (mostly celebrities). Recently, Lindsey Vonn posted a tweet about the Olympics where most of the comments were wishing her to break a leg or some other form of physical harm, all because her opinion of the current POTUS does not put him in a good light. The irony of course is there was nothing said when Tom Brady skipped out on two White House invites (one under Obama, the other under Trump).

I get that someone may not agree with other people’s opinion about some person or particular subject, but to wish them bodily harm in some way is not simple discourse. That’s a serious problem to be taken very seriously. If you disagree with someone, fine, then disagree with them.

I’m not saying whether I agree with Lindsey’s opinions or not (although, I do think Trump is not a good person). I generally do not form my opinions based on what a given celebrity says, or what anyone says for that matter. I form my own opinions based off my own observations, not by group-think.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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