Some people have given Lindsey Vonn a difficult time because, when asked in an interview, if she would go to the White House if invited, she said she wouldn’t. And you know what, good for her. She’s someone who stands by her convictions. It’s no secret that not a lot of people don’t particularly care for the current office holder. Why should someone put themselves in a situation that’s just going to make them uncomfortable anyway. Also, and this is important, it’s not about him or the White House. The Olympics is about representing the country, not a particular (very disturbed) person. The irony is, is if there were a democrat, or someone other than Trump, in office and Lindsey said she would go to the White House if invited, the people giving her a hard time now would say it wasn’t about them or the White House, it’s about representing your country. Either way, she can’t win. Maybe the best course of action is to not say anything at all; but then that wouldn’t be Lindsey.

I like Lindsey Vonn. She’s a great inspiration. Yes, I’m an older guy, and still find her to be an inspiration. Inspiration comes in different forms and from different people, male or female. This is a person who broke her arm and (what seems like) three weeks later (I exaggerate) she’s on the slopes again. Are you kidding me? Most people would just quit, but not Lindsey. So, any time I have a pain, or don’t think I can do something or lack the motivation, I just think of Lindsey (or watch one of her workouts on Instagram) and, no matter what’s she’s been through, she just brushes herself off (figuratively speaking, of course) and goes down those slopes again at mach two as if nothing happened.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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