Military Parade

The true strength of the United States military is that it doesn’t have to parade around to show it. This isn’t nineteen-fifties Russia, or North Korea, or Vietnam or some other doctorial, communist country that feels insecure about their military might. It is monumentally ignorant for Trump (I refuse to refer to him as president) to want a military parade in the nation’s capital. Our military is not a prop for probably the most insecure person to hold the office which he now occupies. It is also not there to stroke his [weak] ego. Simply put, it’s not about him; especially for someone who dodged the draft I don’t know how many times. Not to mention the extraordinary cost (hundreds of millions) to put on such a display. Money that could be better used for any number of more important things; homeless vets, VA, crumbling infrastructure, public schools and just about anything else other than a parade.

One other thing: Just because someone doesn’t clap for the president, does not make them a traitor. You see, in this country, we have a little thing called freedom of speech and freedom of expression. If someone doesn’t want to clap for that sociopath in office, they don’t have too; I know I sure as hell wouldn’t.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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