Holy crap, people have a lot of time on their hands! Everyone is in an uproar because the maker of Doritos is developing a ‘lady-friendly’ Doritos. Are you kidding me? This is the most important issue of the day? People need to check themselves. If you don’t like what the company is doing, don’t buy their products. And to say it’s subjugating women even more, is bullshit, in my opinion. To be honest, I don’t know why they’re just targeting women with this new line of their snack. When I use to eat that crap (in my twenties, maybe into my early thirties, until I grew up and started eating adult food), I always found them to be messy; the noise didn’t bother me all that much, though.

But none of that matters, because the response to it is, again, bullshit and, because I’m a male, I’m not allowed to voice an opinion one way or another.

As far as plights against women go, there are much larger problems going on. There are women in parts of the world that aren’t allowed to drive a car. Women that aren’t allowed to go out in public without a male member of their family escorting them. Women that aren’t allowed to get an education, vote or have a job. Just recently I think read the Saudi Arabia ‘allowed’ women to attend sporting events (like this was major leap in their forward-thinking); do the women in the United States, Great Britain, Canada or other countries prevent women from attending sporting events, or any public event for that matter? Women who are raped are often tried and punished as an adulterer. That punishment, by the way, is stoning to death. Male members of a family are allowed to commit ‘honor killings’ if a female member has disgraced the family in some way. There are women abducted and sold in to prostitution (slavery); it’s a billion dollar industry. These are real women’s issues. Not how a company is making an unhealthy snack; whether or not female celebrities are getting [over]paid as much as their male counterpart; whether or not a woman is being recognized as best director (make ‘best female director’ and ‘best male director’ categories then, like they do for male actor and female actress), or some other manufactured wrong doing.

I’m not saying that women have it all easy, but I think certain segments of the female citizenry need to put some perspective on it and consider those women that truly do not have a voice and who are truly treated as second-class.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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