Fixing Social Media

To fix social media (other than turning it off) all profiles need to be verified to real people; and you can only have a single account on the platform in question. Stop with this bullshit of giving the check-mark icon (or badge) to only celebrities or what passes for famous. Quit giving these vacuous people extra status they in no way deserve. I’m of the opinion, that of the billions of people on social media, less than two percent are actually real people. And, let’s not kid ourselves, there is nothing “social” about social media. It’s a place where people feel safe behind their keyboard, comfortably ensconced in their mom’s basement, in their underwear to promote their hate, discrimination and intolerance towards people they don’t even know. Things they wouldn’t have the spinal fortitude to say to someone to their face.

I also think that people be required to take some sort of certified test to use the Internet in general; like needing a driver’s license to drive a car.

The Internet used to be a great place until the likes of Google, Facebook and others came on the scene.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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