Human Evolution

Maybe with all this #MeToo movement, sexual assaults, it’s the next evolutionary step for the human race. What has been happening, and what will continue to happen, is that it will be an “us against them” and men and women will (as well they should) eventually stop interacting at any level (I’ve gone more than fourteen years without interacting with people [no friends, no family, no relationships] in general as much as possible and I’m much better off as a result; I don’t have to pretend or filter what I do or say because someone doesn’t have the emotional maturity to handle things). This will result in the human species to stop, or, at least marginally disrupt the exponential growth of its population. No procreation, no offspring; no offspring, slowdown in population growth. If there’s one thing humans have a difficult time with, is controlling their own population. They have no problems controlling the population of other animals (which humans caused because they eliminated the natural predators of those other animals), but have no problems at which the rate their own specie’s population grows; somewhere around 7.6 billion. If the expansion of the Human Race is slowed down, maybe that will be better overall for the planet.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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