How About This

Instead of men always being the ones to pursue a relationship with women, the women begin taking the initiative in being the pursuer rather than being the one pursued? Men, from an early age, are taught, either from depictions in movies, other male figures around them, that they have to be the ones to flirt or seek a relationship with women. And women, for the most part, are taught, again either by what’s illustrated in movies or other women, that they should wait for men to show interest in them.

Basically, men, for the most part, are biologically engineered to be the initiator when it comes to relationships and why we see much lately about men getting slapped with all these allegations; granted, a lot of the allegations are appalling and is going way beyond innocent flirting. Maybe it’s time women showed some interest, quit playing coy and hard to get, put forth some effort and be the pursuer for a change. Trust me, [most] men will not be put off by this.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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