Excellent Health My Ass

Wherever White House doctor, Ronnie Jackson, got his medical degree, needs to give it back. Anyone with the gift of vision can see that Donald Trump is anything but healthy. He’s the shape of a pear. Supposedly he’s six-three and weighs 236 pounds. I’m six-four and weigh 180 pounds. Then again, I actually exercise and don’t eat hamburgers with fries everyday and wash it down with diet Coke (supposedly gallons a week). You don’t need to look at the [inaccurate] Body Mass Index (BMI) to know the Trump is not just borderline obese, he is obese. He’s a heart attack waiting to happen. I’d be surprised he doesn’t have diabetes yet.

Maybe if Trump at some real food (vegetables, fruit, fish, drank water instead of that cancer), he might be able to control some of his impulses; like those tweets, wanting to start World War III or ranting about all news being fake if it puts him in a bad light (as if he’s the arbiter of truth). He is definitely a person with no impulse control.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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