2018 Resolution for Society

In light of all the sexual misconduct, abuses and assaults, many of which were mere accusations (or that occurred decades earlier; which, by no means, disqualifies an accuser’s claim), some of which were fact, people in [all walks of] society need to change on how they interact with others.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Everyone, especially members of the opposite gender, should maintain, at a minimum, a ten-foot buffer between themselves.
  • Members of the opposite sex especially should not be alone in the same room together, drive together alone in a car together and, if interaction is necessary, should be in a well-lit, very public venue; never unaccompanied.
    • Such interactions should be recorded (video & audio) as proof that no infractions occurred.
  • Any form of physical contact, perpetrated by male or female (it goes both ways, folks), whether that’s a simple handshake, a platonic hug or accidentally bumping into someone why passing them on the sidewalk, should be viewed as sexual assault.
  • Such assaults should be reported to the police immediately, as well as being placed on a [national] sex offender database for life.
    • Subsequent infractions should result in a five-year prison term (not jail).
  • Victims that take a payout (hush money) of an assault should be tried as an accessory after the fact.
    • Their silence only enables the predator to continue their crimes against other hapless victims (imagine if someone from twenty-plus years ago went straight to the police and filed charges instead of taking a payout from Harvey Weinstein).
  • Companies that hide or write-up contracts that condone a sexual predator’s proclivities of those under their employ, should be charged as a co-conspirator.
  • And for men, if you’re interested in a woman, as in you would like to get to know her, it’s probably best to keep that shit to yourself; otherwise, it will be construed as a form of harassment; even for just saying “Hi” or looking in their general direction. If, by chance, a woman is interested in a guy, she should take the initiative upon herself and to let that be known to the person in question; be blunt and direct, some men are slow on the uptake when it comes to matters like this.

There’s probably more, but these, albeit some of them extreme, suggestions would be a good start. Then people, women especially, won’t feel threatened when out in public or have to live in a heightened sense of awareness day in and day out. Individuals like Stoya (and her contemporaries), who may earn (or may have earned) a living as an adult film actress doesn’t mean that her life outside of that environment is a poorly scripted porn video that somehow justifies complete strangers (presumably perpetrated by the males of the species) coming up to her a putting hands on her or groping her, or whatever. She’s a person and should be treated with dignity; all women, and people in general, should be treated respectfully and should not have their personal space violated based on some unfounded, misguided assumption someone (whose brain hasn’t fully developed) may have about them.

As an added bonus, this should help out the environment because it will [marginally] disrupt the exponential growth of the Human population, which is the real cause of climate change; Human over-population. Then all those hypocritical environmentalists still driving vehicles using the nineteenth-century internal combustion engine or using any other modern convenience (electricity, paved roads, cellphones, living in cities, etc.), can continue to do so with the reduced population and not feel guilty.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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