Finally Cut the Cord

Well, I finally did it, I cut the cord. Not literally, but I no longer have to fight a headphone cord when I’m trying to run, workout or just want to focus and plug-in and listen to music. Ever notice how headphone cables are attracted to almost everything they come in close proximity to and somehow always manage to get twisted up? Mind boggling and downright fucking annoying. Running is when it’s particularly problematic because someone thought it was good idea to have a four-foot cable, when, for even a tall person like myself, from the ear to the hip is a little over two feet. So, you go through the process, at least I do, of tucking that excess cable into your shorts and possibly getting a clip to attach to the waistband so that the cable doesn’t move (it still manages to somehow). And, contrary to the bullshit advertisements showing a model (that never ran a day in their life) with the stock earbuds and the cable outside of their shirt running with no worries, should be grounds for false advertisement. Unless you’re stationary, that shit is not realistic one iota; I always have to put the cord under my shirt because, as I mentioned earlier, the cord will be attracted to something (anything) and it will inevitably get hooked on my hand or something and rip the headphone out my ears.

Part of the reason why I had been going arguably old-school for so long is because my MP3 player (Sansa Clip) wasn’t Bluetooth capable and (likely due to me not trying hard enough) couldn’t find an equivalent that did have Bluetooth and finding Bluetooth earbuds. Sure, I could’ve used my cellphone, but when I run, I don’t want my phone with me. Also, running with a cellphone is just a pain in the ass. When I tell people that, they always ask what if something happens and you need to contact someone. My answer to that is that for thousands of years Man (as in the human race, not a specific gender, so get over yourself) been without electricity and cellphones and managed (not without a lack of trying otherwise) to survive.

After doing some research, I found TREBLAB X2 earbuds and AGPTEK A12 8GB Clip MP3 player on Amazon.

The TREBLAB X2 earbuds are nothing short of amazing. Some of the Amazon reviews claimed difficulties connecting to other devices; I had no such problems. The audio quality is pretty good (I’m not an audiophile, so my opinion on that front isn’t worth all that much). You can also control the volume, play/pause, forward/back on the device they’re connected to (assuming the device understands that). The earbuds also come with an assortment of earbuds and ear-fins. Most importantly, the stay in place!

The AGPTEK A12 8GB Clip is basically what the Sansa Clip should have been with Bluetooth. I think if they combined the playback functions of Sansa Clip (no longer made) and AGPTEK A12 8GB Clip it would be better, but for less than $28, one can’t really complain and for me, it gets the job done (play music).

I got both of these marvels in technology yesterday and went on a run. It was unbelievable I free I felt with a cord moving around, annoyingly rubbing against my neck, etc. It was like running with my own soundtrack (which is mostly of various training montages from the Rocky franchise). And the earbuds cancel out everything; so you’ll have be careful of that when crossing streets and whatnot. Did I mention they stay in place? Well, they do!

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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