I don’t normally write about other people or other people’s sites, but I happened to stumble onto Stoya’s site and found the writing (the flow of if, not necessarily the content, but some of the posts were interesting) to be not all that bad (certainly better than my writing prowess).

If you don’t know who Stoya is, she’s an adult film actress (don’t know if she’s still active; I don’t follow the porn industry that closely and I think she does some mainstream movies (not in this country, I don’t think), as well, or so I read somewhere). Her niche, shall we say, in that industry is on the more extreme side of things; not that there’s anything wrong with that, just doesn’t do it for me to see a woman get treated in that manner (even when it’s somewhat staged) and not something I necessarily want to get aroused over either. Everybody has their thing they’re into.

Any way, not much of a post, I know, but was impressed with the writing style of this intelligent, talented woman and felt like writing about it (and because I hadn’t posted anything in a month; need to get better at that).

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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