Amazon Echo – Multi-Room Music

Recently, I don’t know when, Amazon added Multi-room Music capability to their Echo devices. Basically, if you have multiple Echo devices, in different rooms, you can, once you set up the group, stream the same music to them all at once. This is a great feature and, to be honest, something that should have been available from the start. However, it comes with a price; it eats up your WiFi bandwidth. I found, through some very basic, unscientific testing on that when not streaming to all my Echo devices (I have 3 Echo Dots) at once, I had the speeds that I expect (and pay for).

When I streamed across all three devices, there was an approximate 40% drop in bandwidth.

So, if you’re doing other things (like writing a blog no one reads, downloading large Linux ISOs or working) on the ‘Net while streaming to all your Echos, you may feel that degradation in speed.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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