Hollywood (Entertainment Industry in General)

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about sexual abuse, improprieties, inappropriateness, assault, etc. in Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general; and not just limited to women getting abused, men too. It shouldn’t come as too much as a surprise to anyone and it’s not really a new thing. Hollywood specifically goes out of its way to discriminate and judge anyone and everyone based on how they look (height, weight, etc.), sexual orientation, race, etc. and in general treat everyone like shit. To be honest, I don’t why anyone would insert themselves into that type of outwardly abusive environment that goes unchecked or turned a blind eye towards. That being said, while I don’t in any way doubt what the various accusers are claiming, I do wonder why some of them waited so long (sometimes decades) to come forward.

I will say though, there are a couple commonalities I see in most of these stories of late. The first of which is someone (male or female) inviting someone up to their hotel suite to “talk about business”; red flag #1. If the first red flag wasn’t acknowledged, what we most hear about next is the person (the assaulted, harassed) being greeted by said person (the abuser) in their bathrobe; red flag #2. That should someone’s clue to turn around and walk away, maybe even at a quick pace. None of those two things are normal (at least not in my view) by any stretch of the imagination. If someone wants to talk business, then talk about it in the lobby or some place more public (with witnesses). I don’t give a fuck who it is, be it a producer, head of a studio, director, some other co-worker, or whomever. It is not normal behavior to invite someone you work with or works for you up to your hotel suite; that person obviously watched too many porn movies and is trying to live out a fantasy.

Obviously, it’s easy for me, someone never having been in this situation, to point out these blatant warning signs. That should by no means imply that I casting blame on those making these accusations; the blame and accountability lies solely with those inflicting these abuses in an industry that basically condones such behavior.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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