Political Parties

The Democrats and Republicans can only agree on one thing: that they both need to exist. Other than that, they will disagree about everything just for the sake of disagreeing with the other side. They are certainly not in the least bit concerned about the people they claim the represent; they represent their own self-interests aimed at gaining power and telling people how to live.

They are without a doubt the two largest hate groups in the country, with the KKK and NAACP following a distant second. A little over the top, you think? Riddle me this then. Why is it then that anyone who is not a white male is labeled (for lack of a better term) a minority? Both parties are guilty of needing to “get the <insert derogatory label here> vote.”

They make laws that allow them to get away with not paying taxes on the billions of dollars they raise to support their campaigns through the use of PACS, Super PACS and the uninformed individual that buys into their rhetoric. Imagine if they put that money towards something good; like schools, getting the homeless off the streets, etc. Imagine if the people, instead of throwing away money towards these political groups, that they throw at something worth while; like the schools, getting the homeless off the streets, helping out our wounded veterans, etc.

And as for the presidential election, I’m of the opinion that the President should not be affiliated with any party, for the President represents the country as a whole, not a select group of greedy, hypocritical elitists. This won’t happen anytime soon since it would require a candidate with an ounce of character to break ranks from the status quo; instead we continue to have elitists pandering to a larger group of elitists. Care to guess the last President who wasn’t associated or beholden to a political party?

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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