Let me get this straight, Congress is only working 111 days in 2016? They’re taking most of August off, for no real reason other than some tradition that really had to do with 90% of the population’s livelihood being dependent on agriculture at that time, and all (that’s right, all) of October off to campaign.

This is the strongest argument for either implementing term limits or, at the very least, a serious cut in pay; like half of what they’re getting now, since that’s all they’re really [barely] working (there are about 251 working days in 2016). Right now they pull $174K/year…to work (if you can call it that) not even a half of the year; what a bunch of slack-asses. And they have the nerve to ask for a pay raise because they can’t make ends meet on a six-figure income; it’s no wonder the country’s trillions of dollars in debt. If you can’t make ends meet with a six-figure income, you’re a moron.

And finally, getting elected is not in the job description for a Congressman or Senator (or any elected official for that matter). I’m more likely to vote for the person that’s doing the job, not the one campaigning and neglecting their job.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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