Trophy Hunting

Recently there’s been a lot of news about trophy hunters; the most recent tragedy being what I will call an ambush and torturous kill (assassination really) of Cecil. I use those terms to describe this magnificent animal’s demise because strapping a slab of meat on a vehicle to lure Cecil out of his protected sanctuary only to be shot with an arrow, is not very sportsman like in my opinion. The arrow, sadly enough, did not kill Cecil right away, causing the lion king to suffer for 40 hours to be finally put out of his misery with a bullet. To add insult to injury, this so-called sportsman, Walter Palmer, beheaded and skinned Cecil, leaving behind his headless corpse.

Now I’m not a hunter, but I do understand it if it’s a matter of survival or part of an ever-growing trend of "Eat What You Kill"; I get that. Actually, the latter is probably a lot healthier than the packaged meat you get at the super market with all sorts of steroids, antibiotics and who knows what else. What I don’t get is killing some animal just for the sake of killing it; to stick its head on a wall; bragging rights; posing with it and posting on the Internet; etc. Like Sabrina Corgatelli who thought it necessary to kill a giraffe. According to her, giraffes “are very dangerous animals that could hurt you very seriously.” I suppose if you startled one, yeah, you might get a (well deserved) kick in the head, but I have not heard a lot about herds of giraffes arbitrarily attacking. As far as I know, and I could be wrong, giraffes are fairly docile animals, usually minding their own business, but if you startle them, they’ll liable to react; much like horses do.

I might have more respect for these sportsmen if they did their hunting the old fashion way. Early on, before the development of weapons that could kill an animal from hundreds of yards away, we humans used to track down animals on foot and had to get up close and personal to take them out. This to me would be a more praiseworthy fight than what’s done today (like constructing a platform fifteen feet up a tree and killing an animal from above; yeah, that’s fair).

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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