So Russia has proposed or has passed some adoption ban and from what I can gather is upsetting many in America that were looking into adoption.  So I guess this means that all the children living in the (not so great) foster care system have all been adopted?  Wow, that’s great to hear … if it were only the case.  From what I read from the comments on various news sites about this subject for the reason the Americans go to other countries for adoption is because it takes too long (because of the pesky background check) and incalculable likelihood that the biological parent may want their child that they abandoned for whatever reason or, the more likely, had their child forcibly taken from them because of some manner of unspeakable abuse they were putting their own flesh and blood through.  I can tell you that ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the biological parents  (or any member of either parent’s extended family for that matter) are not coming back for their child and the child will be forced to fend for themselves in some strange family’s home where they could be subjected to more abuse or be passed off to some other family because they weren’t emotionally equipped to deal with a child that doesn’t know what family as well as that child know how relate to other people and will spend the majority of his or her life alone (not to be confused with lonely) because they did not have a chance to develop the tools to necessary trust or be comfortable around people because what they were subjected to in their formative years.  I can say this based off actual real-life experience.  My last memory of my so-called biological father showing up at one of the numerous foster families at four years of age promising that he would be coming back, only to never see or hear from him again.  I won’t even mention the last memory of my biological brother, two years my junior, that I never saw again after being separated from him when I was three (I’m now forty) or of my less than mentally stable (or so I was told) biological mother.

So to all you Americans out there looking to adopt, adopt from within country, no matter how long it takes, instead of trying to take as many shortcuts adopting from another country.  And remember, there’s more than just newborns that need to be adopted, there are hundreds of thousands if not millions from ages three years and up that are looking, hoping some family will adopt them and are fully cognizant of the fact that the older they get, the less likely that hope will be fulfilled.


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