Xfinity X1

After repeated notifications from Comcast (Xfinity) about needing to upgrade my hardware to their overrated X1 system, I finally gave in and had them send me one. Let’s just say I wasn’t at all impressed. At first it took a while for it to adjust itself to the signal to even allow setup of the box. After that seemingly straight forward process, I [re-]setup my scheduled recordings I had on my old (reliable) Motorola DVR. Someone will have to explain to me how those could not be transferred over to the new device. From their site you can set recordings on the DVR (old or otherwise). So they knew they were there, but somehow couldn’t figure out the plebeian task of copy those scheduled recordings to a compatible format for the X1 system? Please. I digress. Once I had my recordings scheduled, I thought, “great, I’ll watch them when I get a chance;” typically that’s on the weekend. See, contrary to what Comcast would like to dictate how people spend [waste] their time, I do not sit on the couch after work for hours on end glued to the TV; I have better things to do with my time. So what I usually do is have shows recorded and watch them over the weekend. This is where X1 lost me. It’s Saturday morning and figured I’d watch NCIS which records on Tuesdays. Much to my chagrin it wasn’t in my recorded shows and I know it recorded, because on Wednesday I checked to see that it recorded. I also noticed a bunch of other shows I recorded (like “The Goldbergs”, “NCIS: Los Angeles”, etc.) throughout the week were not there. I thought to myself, that’s odd. Not thinking too much about it, I relegated myself to watching the shows on “On Demand”; with commercials of course. The main reason I record shows is so I can skip the commercials; I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Then on Sunday I decide to watch “Chicago Med”. I took note that along with “Chicago Med”, “Code Black” (yes, I like the medical dramas) was also in my recorded shows. After watching “Chicago Med” and deleting that show from my recordings, “Code Black” up and disappeared too. That pissed me off. Then it hit me: the shows disappeared from my recordings around the time they became available on “On Demand.” That was the last straw for me. I wasn’t going to continue paying Comcast over $200/mo just to watch recorded show from the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) that I can get free with a less than $30 HD antenna. Still having the return box and shipping label for the original DVR, I packed both of them and sent them back to Comcast; cutting the proverbial cord. My HD antenna (from 1byone) gets 50 or so stations and would say they come in clearer than the box Comcast provides. Plus, if I want to catch up on shows, I can install an app (except the NBC app, I’ll get into that later) on my Pixel C tablet and cast it to my Chromecast. Yeah, I’m still stuck with commercials that way, but I’m not paying $$$ to Comcast to do that (well, except using Comcast Internet), but certainly not over $200. The NBC app by the way requires you have cable service with Comcast. That’s bullshit if you ask me. I’ve always thought the broadcast networks (already mentioned earlier) were essentially free; you shouldn’t need a cable provider to watch them.

So that’s it, that’s my short-lived experience with Comcast’s X1 system. Cut the cord folks; nobody should 1) be paying that much to watch TV and 2) do people really need 300 stations of which maybe 5 might be watched. An ala carte setup where you can pick what you want is what’s needed. With technologies like Chromecast or Amazons’ FireTV stick, the need for cable companies will no longer be justified. Almost everyone (HBO, Showtime, etc.) has an app and are offering low monthly rates to people without needing a cable providers. As for network shows, if you’re willing to wait a month or two after a season ends, it will likely wind up on Netflix (or Amazon Prime) shortly afterwards and you can watch an entire season in a weekend; without commercials!

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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