People Complain

People complain …

… about global warming and/or climate change, yet still drive vehicles that operate on gas.

… about the super rich (i.e., the one-percenters), yet still buy the products and services they provide.

… about the ineptitude of politicians, yet continue to vote for the same people (usually from the same two, corruptible parties) time after time.

… about neck problems, yet are continuously looking down at their cellphones.

… about drunk drivers, yet are perfectly OK with bars, sporting events, concerts serving alcohol and allowing those people get behind the wheel of a car.

… about speeding, yet cars are designed to go well over 100Mph.

… that members of the House & Senate are in office too long, yet don’t believe term limits should be imposed on those offices.

… that politicians are bought and paid for (which they are), yet don’t think that lobbyists should be outlawed nor that there should be a limit on campaign contributions.

… that they are out of shape, yet live sedentary lives, don’t exercise, eat manufactured food (heavily loaded with salt and sugar) and believe food or drink with the word “diet” attached to it is actually good for them.

… they don’t get to spend enough time with their families, yet continually work 80+ hours/week including weekends.

… about people using their cellphones while driving, yet don’t think cellphone manufacturers should “turn off” those devices when it detects movement of greater than any human could walk or that cars be equipped with signal blockers.

… they’re not connected any more, yet spend a good portion of their time on “social” media interacting with people they don’t even know and will likely never meet.

And that’s all I have to say about that.