Dear Media

Please stop. Please stop making martyrs out of these weak-minded, cowards who cause wanton death and destruction of innocent people. Don’t even show their face or mention their name. Doing so only emboldens some other sick individual (or groups) to do the same thing, because they know you will shine a spotlight on them and whatever misguided belief system they may have. Just put up a silhouette with the caption “Unknown Assailant” underneath it. Don’t delve into their past, their family, claimed associations or whatever you think will give you better ratings. What you should do instead is do a story a day for the number of victims that had their lives cut short by some spineless caitiff; in other words, so that you can understand, if there were 49 victims, a story for 49 days covering each victim. Celebrate them.

I’m not saying don’t report the tragedy. What I’m saying is that you should maybe use a little discretion when reporting, instead of the shock and awe you typically do to get higher ratings.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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