Political Parties

The Democrats and Republicans can only agree on one thing: that they both need to exist. Other than that, they will disagree about everything just for the sake of disagreeing with the other side. They are certainly not in the least bit concerned about the people they claim the represent; they represent their own self-interests aimed at gaining power and telling people how to live.

They are without a doubt the two largest hate groups in the country, with the KKK and NAACP following a distant second. A little over the top, you think? Riddle me this then. Why is it then that anyone who is not a white male is labeled (for lack of a better term) a minority? Both parties are guilty of needing to “get the <insert derogatory label here> vote.”

They make laws that allow them to get away with not paying taxes on the billions of dollars they raise to support their campaigns through the use of PACS, Super PACS and the uninformed individual that buys into their rhetoric. Imagine if they put that money towards something good; like schools, getting the homeless off the streets, etc. Imagine if the people, instead of throwing away money towards these political groups, that they throw at something worth while; like the schools, getting the homeless off the streets, helping out our wounded veterans, etc.

And as for the presidential election, I’m of the opinion that the President should not be affiliated with any party, for the President represents the country as a whole, not a select group of greedy, hypocritical elitists. This won’t happen anytime soon since it would require a candidate with an ounce of character to break ranks from the status quo; instead we continue to have elitists pandering to a larger group of elitists. Care to guess the last President who wasn’t associated or beholden to a political party?

And that’s all I have to say about that.


Let me get this straight, Congress is only working 111 days in 2016? They’re taking most of August off, for no real reason other than some tradition that really had to do with 90% of the population’s livelihood being dependent on agriculture at that time, and all (that’s right, all) of October off to campaign.

This is the strongest argument for either implementing term limits or, at the very least, a serious cut in pay; like half of what they’re getting now, since that’s all they’re really [barely] working (there are about 251 working days in 2016). Right now they pull $174K/year…to work (if you can call it that) not even a half of the year; what a bunch of slack-asses. And they have the nerve to ask for a pay raise because they can’t make ends meet on a six-figure income; it’s no wonder the country’s trillions of dollars in debt. If you can’t make ends meet with a six-figure income, you’re a moron.

And finally, getting elected is not in the job description for a Congressman or Senator (or any elected official for that matter). I’m more likely to vote for the person that’s doing the job, not the one campaigning and neglecting their job.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Would Be Nice

You know what would be nice? If people thought for themselves and formed their own opinions base on their own observations instead of blindly being told what to think, how to act, what to believe from the ├╝ber rich politicians from the overly corrupt Republican and Democratic parties. They are nothing but two sides of the same two-headed coin. They’re not looking out for you. They really don’t give a shit about what you think. What your opinions are. All they care about is getting your votes so they can become even more rich and more powerful. The only ones they listen to are the super rich donors, PACs, super PACs or corporations that can fill their coffers. Guess what? These are just bribers that expect something in return. They don’t represent you, the people; they represent their own self-interest. Those elected to office are there to represent the people who voted for them, not the entities or committees that bribed them. People like the Koch brothers, George Soros and other billionaires who lack the mental fortitude to run for office themselves should not dictate to rest of us who we, the People, should vote for. People like them are the reason the United States of America is in the condition it’s in. Why the rest of world despises us. Why we’re trillions of dollars in debt and think that’s just the way of doing business. Why we’re in rapid decline in education, technology and ingenuity; we landed on the Moon in 1969 for crying out loud; before cell phones, computers the size of a watch. What have we done of significance since (the Internet doesn’t count; sometimes I wish it could be turned off)?

We are again a house [country] divided. Except this time, instead of being divided on one particular issue, we’re divided just for the sake of being divided; because it’s the in thing to do and it generates money for the media at large.

We need some critical thinkers in this country; people who are willing to think outside the proverbial box and not follow things as they are of only being: Liberal or Conservative; Democrat or Republican; Left or Right. If you think that’s the only way, then you might as well just flip a coin when you go to the voting booth; the outcome will be the same no matter how it lands.