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Xfinity X1

After repeated notifications from Comcast (Xfinity) about needing to upgrade my hardware to their overrated X1 system, I finally gave in and had them send me one. Let’s just say I wasn’t at all impressed. At first it took a … »

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Olympics: Hope Solo

I have the utmost respect for Hope Solo; for a soccer player. She’s awesome goalie for women’s soccer in the U.S. as is clear by her being the goalkeeper for the U.S. women’s national soccer team since 2000 and being … »

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It’s Not About Guns

The tragedy that occurred in Orlando, June 12, 2016 was not about guns, it was about terrorism. Yes, the coward that perpetrated this act was apparently able to buy an AR-15 assault riffle without issue. However, up to that point, … »

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Dear Media

Please stop. Please stop making martyrs out of these weak-minded, cowards who cause wanton death and destruction of innocent people. Don’t even show their face or mention their name. Doing so only emboldens some other sick individual (or groups) to … »

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Today (December 30, 2015), Bill Cosby was charged with felony sexual assault from an incident that occurred in 2004. For the past year or so there have been a number (a lot actually) of similar allegations (some settled in civil … »

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