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Re: CentOS – VirtualBox Shared Folder

Yesterday I wrote about how to work around CentOS 7 in a VirtualBox environment not automaticaly mounting shared folders. While that method will work, it’s not the most correct answer. A better answer is to create a /etc/modules-load.d/vboxsf.conf with the … »

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CentOS – VirtualBox Shared Folder

I’m not sure if this is just a thing with CentOS or what, but I experienced some difficultly in getting shared folders to mount inside the a CentOS VirtualBox image. What I found was that the vboxsf kernel module was … »

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Simple Update Notifier

If you have a debian-based distro that is not Ubuntu or Mint (both of which I view as Linux for Apple for Microsoft GUI babies) you may or may not have an update checker task bar applet that lets you … »

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Upgrade Kernel

This is a quick how-to on upgrading kernel Linux Install Packages sudo apt-get install kernel-package fakeroot build-essential ncurses-dev time Download Desired Kernel wget<KERNEL_VERSION>.<MAJOR_VERSION>.<MINOR_VERSION>.tar.gz Extract Archive tar -xof linux-<KERNEL_VERSION>.<MAJOR_VERSION>.<MINOR_VERSION>.tar.gz cd linux-<KERNEL_VERSION>.<MAJOR_VERSION>.<MINOR_VERSION> Compile Kernel cat /boot/config-`uname -r` > .config make oldconfig … »

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