After repeated notifications from Comcast (Xfinity) about needing to upgrade my hardware to their overrated X1 system, I finally gave in and had them send me one. Let’s just say I wasn’t at all impressed. At first it took a while for it to adjust itself to the signal to even allow setup of the box. After that seemingly straight forward process, I [re-]setup my scheduled recordings I had on my old (reliable) Motorola DVR. Someone will have to explain to me how those could not be transferred over to the new device. From their site you can set recordings on the DVR (old or otherwise). So they knew they were there, but somehow couldn’t figure out the plebeian task[…]

I have the utmost respect for Hope Solo; for a soccer player. She’s awesome goalie for women’s soccer in the U.S. as is clear by her being the goalkeeper for the U.S. women’s national soccer team since 2000 and being a World Cup & Olympic medalist; that’s 16 years. Never one to not speak her mind, Solo pretty much says what she means and almost always means what she says; she also does not mince words. Case in point, what she said of the Swedish team after the U.S’ lost to them in the Olympics; essentially calling the them cowards. I get that she may not have liked the loss, but calling the other team “cowards” (and I realize there[…]

Aziz Ansari wrote an Anti-Trump op-ed in the NY Times about his disgust over Trump’s feeling towards Muslims (and basically anyone who is of color). I agree with Ansari’s take on Trump and, myself, view Trump as a despicable human being on many levels (Hillary Clinton is a very close second, and, sometimes, tied). Aziz Ansari can do that I suppose because he’s an elitist multi-millionaire and therefore knows more than us underlings that work for a living. Plus it’s in the NY Times, so there’s that. What I don’t agree with Aziz Ansari on is his clear hypocrisy. He goes out of his way to [rightly] slam Trump for his views, but says nothing about those that commandeered the[…]

The tragedy that occurred in Orlando, June 12, 2016 was not about guns, it was about terrorism. Yes, the coward that perpetrated this act was apparently able to buy an AR-15 assault riffle without issue. However, up to that point, he had not broken any laws nor had he been convicted of any crimes and, again, at that time, was not on a watch list. He was on a watch list in 2014 (for the second time; twice as much as 99.999% of the rest of the population), but when he obtained his weapons of destruction, he was not. And even if he was, that would not precluded him from purchasing a gun; there apparently is not tie between the[…]

Please stop. Please stop making martyrs out of these weak-minded, cowards who cause wanton death and destruction of innocent people. Don’t even show their face or mention their name. Doing so only emboldens some other sick individual (or groups) to do the same thing, because they know you will shine a spotlight on them and whatever misguided belief system they may have. Just put up a silhouette with the caption “Unknown Assailant” underneath it. Don’t delve into their past, their family, claimed associations or whatever you think will give you better ratings. What you should do instead is do a story a day for the number of victims that had their lives cut short by some spineless caitiff; in other[…]